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DannyShane Cycling Jersey Receives Rave Review by

After wearing and washing the DannyShane Lausanne cycling jersey for more than eight months,'s Marc Basiliere writes a review of the jersey that is now one of his favorites! "A well-made jersey, the Lausanne is easily worthy of its $109 price tag," he writes.

He also says, "…while many will find their gear appealing for environmental reasons, DannyShane intend to make every piece competitive with other high-end product on performance grounds alone.

After eight months in the Lausanne, it seems to me as though they're well on their way…A striking jersey that features an outsized graphic of a Swiss Cross on the front and a racing stripe down the back, the granite-colored Lausanne is one of DannyShane's more conservative - and to my eyes, handsome - designs.

The mid-weight ripstop fabric is a blend of the aforementioned Bamboo White Ash and a microfiber synthetic and is soft without being wither overly fuzzy or shiny. The locking YKK full-length zip is tucked away so as to be all but invisible and, with the pull flipped up, can be opened by pulling at adjacent fabric."

He also says, "Even riding one size larger than the company recommends, the Lausanne's fit is impressive. Between the jersey's cut and fabric's stretch, the Lausanne never flaps at speed and items in the rear pockets stay put….its look, fit and construction have quickly made DannyShane's first effort my fall and spring favorite."

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