Our Favorite Apps for New Cyclists

Our Favorite Apps for New Cyclists

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While we know that there are some tried and true apps that many cyclists have long favored, we decided to ask our team their favorite apps that get them motivated to ride and stay efficient.


Strava is one of the tried and true cycling apps that tracks your rides. It offers important statistics like distance, elevation, time, speed, and even allows you to make notes for yourself. You can join different clubs, post pictures, and challenge friends as well as add and pictures you took along the way.


Want a cool new way to share your ride? Relive is the answer. Relive works with most of your favorite apps already: Strava, MapMyRide, Garmin, etc and is easy to use. Once connected, hop on your bike using one of your favorite tracking apps, and go ride! Stop and take pictures of the view, your ride, or even your new jersey, and at the end add them to the ride. What comes of it is a super fun and interactive video that adds pictures, heart rate, and elevation gain throughout the ride. 

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While this isn’t directly a cycling-based app, a few members of our team noted the motivation that Instagram offers. Whether it’s seeing another cyclists ride or a reminder about an upcoming race, this can be a great motivator for a lot of
And it’s not just motivation, but even some exploration. “I’ve seen rides that have been posted by someone I follow and think, ‘I didn’t even know you could bike there, I have to check that out!’ I’ve learned of some great rides around Seattle through Instagram,” noted our marketing manager.

Bike Gear Calculators

Once you’re far enough along in the cycling game, it becomes an obsession of all the little things that you can do to step up your game. Bike Gears Calculator allows you to choose cadence, tire size, crank length and more and determine gear ratio, gain ratio, speed, pedal rotations and even more.


A virtual reality for cyclists to take their indoor training game up a few (or 20) notches. You know those old driving race car games that made you feel like you were in the game driving? Zwift is basically a way more advanced version for cyclists to train in a real world situation; alone or with others. For those who want to make the most of their indoor ride, Zwift offers a great solution. A type of virtual trainer, Zwift has set rides to go on alone, or offers the technology to ride with others all over the world.

Zwift Mobile

Interval Timer

When you’re in training mode and look to do sprints, workouts, or any type of hill, having a good HIIT timer is crucial. Having a reliable timer that offers numerous customizable features like # of sets, low time, high time, and rest time is something that has long been desired not only by cyclists but the fitness community as a whole. One of our favorite features? Saving your favorite intervals.


This is the sister app to the popular MayMyRun. This is another great way to both track and find new rides. It offers the ability to link with your smart watches which creates a more accurate measure of things like heartrate as well as caloric burning. It also allows you to research on a desktop and send the exact ride you want to your phone. Meaning... when you're daydreaming at work about rides, you can plan out your evening workout!


The original mapper. GoogleMaps allows for the curious to hop on their phone or computer and plan their ride. The real life satellite images show if a road is rideable and the “cycling” option gives you the most bicycle friendly route, something we love for city rides where bike lanes aren’t always consistent.

Whether you've been riding for awhile or are just starting out, many of us can benefit from a little bit of technology on our ride. What are your favorite apps? Any you didn't see that you think we should check out? Let us know what you think!

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