DannyShane Recap: London, Seattle, and Toronto International Bike Shows

London Bike Show

DannyShane kicked off the year at the annual London Bike Show. This international expo encompasses all aspects of on- and off-road cycling, triathlon and multisport, as well as outdoor, travel and active lifestyle. DannyShane once again joined the ranks of international apparel companies and stood out with a striking display of unique eco-conscious cycling and lifestyle garments.

The reception of DannyShane as a brand and the lively designs struck a note with visitors – consumers from all over Europe fell in love with DannyShane’s signature looks: While the Retrospective designs were favored by most competitive road cyclist, Plaid seemingly took the hearts of avid mountain bikers, crossers, and commuters.

The overwhelming consumer response and resulting high demand of DannyShane products lead to many other inquiries as well. “Currently we are evaluating a lot of sponsorship requests” says Christian Beer, DannyShane’s Director of Global Digital Sales. “People love our products because they stand out, they’re different, and they’re unlike anything you see or get to wear.” Sponsorships will be announced in April .

As a result of the high demand of DannyShane products at the London Bike Show, Shane Hunt, Creative Director and CEO, reports that a new Distribution Channel is in the works: “We have signed agreements with a large, independent company who will help us in promoting the DannyShane lifestyle and bring our products to the U.K and to Europe.“ The partnership is expected to be officially announced in the next two weeks. DannyShane products will be available to retailers and consumers late spring 2014. 


Seattle Bike Expo

DannyShane joined forces with Ride And Seek, an Australian-based luxury bike touring company, to exhibit at the 2014 Seattle Bike Expo. Held at Pier 91 in Seattle, the expo attracted more than 10,000 consumers and industry professionals.

During the two-day event, DannyShane’s Christian Beer was proudly presenting garments from the 2014 performance and lifestyle collection. Visitors also had a chance to take advantage of a limited time special deal on selected retiring designs - many left the Expo as proud DannyShane advocates, eager to sport their new DannyShane jersey.

In the greater Seattle area, DannyShane is currently available at Angle Lake Cyclery in SeaTac, WA and, coming April 2014, at Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear in Mercer Island, WA.


Toronto International Bike Show

Held at the same time as the Seattle event, the Toronto International Bike Show saw the Core of the DannyShane sales team at work. Promoting the DannyShane brand proved to be quite a task in Toronto as a major branding piece, a 10ft logo banner, was presumably stolen during its return journey from Europe. This left the team scrambling for solutions – but despite the setback, the show turned out to be a success for DannyShane.

Consumer response echoed reactions in London and Seattle – the DannyShane story and lifestyle were met with overwhelming enthusiasm and high demand for the 2014 collection. “The demand here is unbelievable” says Logan Hunt, a Global Account Manager. “Our new distributor, Distribution Lyncée, will be bringing most of our current collection to Quebec. We’re also talking to other distribution channels to tackle the rest of the country.”

Products will be available in retail stores serviced by Distribution Lyncée at the end of April. Currently, DannyShane is available at Rogue Clothier and Cyclery in Calgary, AB and at Element Sport in Edmonton, AB.