Founder Video: Shane Hunt Talks DannyShane

Shane Hunt - Founder of Danny ShanefromTyler SharponVimeo.

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Very impressive video. You remind me Keanu Reeves…Too much exaggeration ? Hahaha. More video please for Japanese people!!


Last week, after a 9 year cycling hiatus and out of the blue, i decided pull one of the 6 road bikes i have on racks in garage and go for a spin. It all came back. Except I’m just not able to into any of my old cycling gear – nor would i want to. So your metro line is really appealing. I hope you will consider expanding it because i believe there are a lot of us in my position who would like something in-between the serious and the not so serious rider. I saw the photo of the person with the coffee cup and thought you were also offering cycling pants that could also work as work clothes. Not a bad idea – cargo pants made the transition. Woman have taken to dressage pants and boots as fashion statements – I think cycling gear could be morphed in a similar way. Thanks -

george elanjian

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