Kind Words for the DS Faithful

... The jersey fits great. After hearing from you that the sizing when up a little, I admit I was worried a little. One gripe I have with jerseys that are not very tight is that the pockets, once loaded with the essentials, tend to sag and pull the jersey over the back panel of the shorts. This has been my experience with Pearl Izumi, Sugoi, and L.G. The only company I ran into that didn't have this issue was Sfatto. Unfortunately, with Sfatto, the pockets were so high on the back of the jersey that they were difficult to get into if you were fatigued. Dannyshane has split the difference perfectly. While I personally tend to gravitate towards the tighter measurements of the previous years for my body, I didn't feel that the jersey ever sagged or pulled on my shoulders when loaded. The pockets were easy to reach and generous enough to navigate and find what you needed all without feeling like a big gym bag. As with all the Dannyshane items, the look is crisp, respectful and classy. It's like a nice suit, when you look good, you feel good. And when I wear the Dannyshane Greystone kit, I feel great. 


Wade B.

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