Copy of DannyShane Ambassador Program


Are you an ACTIVE, PASSIONATE CYCLIST WHO IS EXCITED ABOUT the dannyshane brand, apparel, and culture?

A dannyshane Ambassador is someone who loves time on their bike. They may belong to a club or team, might race or participate in endurance rides, might ride road, mountain, cyclo-cross or all three – but more than anything, they possess a deep passion for everything cycling.

dannyshane is in its 8th year and started in the wholesale business before moving to Direct to Clients last year. dannyshane plans on opening limited amount of select dealers in the U.S. and abroad in the near future.
Becoming a dannyshane Brand Ambassador allows you to enjoy your love for our sport while sharing a world-class cycling apparel company with your friends, colleagues and fellow lovers of cycling.

Are you a candidate?

During the next 90-days ending September 15th, 2018 - dannyshane will be selecting ambassadors from the U.S. who possess the following qualities (not all are required):

Active with a local club and group rides
Love sharing cycling experiences with other people
Active and knowledgeable on social media
Passionate about the dannyshane brand
Informed about cycling culture
Willing to spread the word about dannyshane, our products and culture

 Perks of being a dannyshane Ambassador:

 As compensation for performing the Obligations of the Ambassador, the Company shall provide the Ambassador with the following benefits:

 PHASE I. (first 90 days): The Ambassador shall receive $400 worth of product selected on the CLEARANCE section of the dannyshane website (though limited in sizes in certain designs dannyshane will guarantee to provide the S-4 Pro Bib-Short for all Ambassador Orders and the following Jersey’s guaranteed for all orders – Nelson Black, Nelson Pearl, and Durban Blue.

 PHASE II (after first 90 days):

  • Periodic Swag Shipments: dannyshane shall send the Ambassador periodic shipments of the Company apparel, new products, and promotional material for the Ambassador to use in promoting the brand. The regularity of these product shipments and what is contained in them is be at the discretion of dannyshane.
  • Discount coupons for friends and family
  • Product sneak previews