Welcome to DannyShane

The DannyShane Way

Performance and style shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. At DannyShane, we’ve made it our mission to create cycling apparel that brings meaningful complements to the lives of our customers. Our lifestyle brand is retrospectively inspired, bold in design, and appealing to cyclists with all levels of experience.

The DannyShane rider is a true original. He’s bold, he’s vibrant, and he isn’t afraid to take the lead or get noticed on the racecourse. We’ve kept this rider in mind when designing all of our latest lines of apparel, developing the highest-quality, most eco-friendly apparel company the cycling industry has ever seen.

Founder & Designer Shane Hunt

After decades of unique adventures and travel — starting on a working ranch in Texas — DannyShane founder Shane Hunt wears his heart on his sleeve. His ability to create authentic new designs has been in his soul since childhood, inspired by his Grandmother’s rich stories, and encouragement from his family to make a statement in life. Finding cycling later in life has had its advantages for Shane. Though he has run companies in and out of the sports industry, his passion for cycling is at the origin of DannyShane’s new and unique pieces. This passion had led to DannyShane’s expansion in many crossover areas. DannyShane’s 2015 collection is full of groundbreaking pieces and design that will change the way you think about sports apparel.

Shane is a cycling enthusiast who has participated in cycling and triathlons at the amateur level for more than a decade. In his previous experience as a CEO in other industries — including time spent as the CEO of an international golf & sportswear company — Shane grew unique companies and always had his hand in the creative and design side of corporate strategy. Shane saw the need for more fashion-forward cycling apparel, with a focus on eco-performance advancements and fit, and decided to pull upon his own expertise and contacts within the sportswear industry to fill the void. Today, Shane serves as the CEO and creative director of DannyShane, and works closely with his team to design cycling products that are unique and compelling in design.

Our Design Inspiration

DannyShane is spreading the excitement of cycling and its new lifestyle, utilizing fashion forward designs, sustainable fabrics, and an all-new performance fit. DannyShane is a company that’s new and vibrant, with timeless and retrospectively inspired gear. Beyond our new garments and elements exists an underlying positive spirit and persona of openness and confidence, one that’s premium, refined, and also inclusive of all who wish to take part in the cycling lifestyle. Truly American — but with ties to cycling’s European heritage — DannyShane is carving out its place in the cycling world.

DannyShane’s latest collection speaks to our diverse themes. Our garments run the gamut from edgy plaids, to less-is-more retrospective designs. From modern utility to the wonderment of the past, DannyShane has a foot in both worlds.