History of DannyShane 

After three years of research and testing, DannyShane launched its first national line of cycling apparel and accessories in 2009. After searching the globe for the latest in eco-friendly fabrics and forming partnerships with experts in the field of aerodynamic design and sports performance technology, DannyShane was able to create a line of cycling apparel that is as innovative as it is stylish.

Years later, we're continuing to expand the DannyShane brand and create new lines of classically inspired cycling apparel. DannyShane’s unique perspective was formed by the belief that performance and style didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. By combining classic Tartan and solid prints with modern fabrics and performance-focused cuts, we were able to develop a line of cycling apparel that gets racers and aspirational riders noticed.

DannyShane Culture

Everything DannyShane does is guided by a passion for cycling. Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to creating apparel that combines retrospectively inspired designs with cutting edge modern performance technology. DannyShane is at the interesting nexus of the past and future.

As cycling enthusiasts with a deep respect for nature, DannyShane uses eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Since our company’s inception, we’ve kept a sharp focus on developing innovative cycling apparel with a high percentage of rapidly renewable and sustainable materials.