"DannyShane is the perfect combination of fit, performance, and style. The fact that it is also eco-friendly is the icing on the cake!"

Andrew Bradfield, Fort Worth TX (Road, Mountain, Cyclo-Cross)

"I thought I was using superior quality biking gear until I tried DannyShane. My DS jersey is easily my favorite, and the bibs are the only ones I will wear."

David Pridnia, East Lansing MI (Road)

“I prefer DannyShane because of the perfect fit and unique style. In a landscape of logo-covered kits and garish designs, DannyShane stands apart. I am proud to fly the DS flag.” 

Kelly Feilke, Fort Worth TX (Road)

“I discovered DannyShane from an ad in Peloton magazine. Last year, I requested a Snowhaven and Rockland jersey for birthday gifts solely based on how cool they looked. Since then, I have added a Tinsley, a Berkley, a Haymarket 2-piece kit, a Bluewater 2-piece kit, Shelby bibs, a Durban cap and an Aukland polo shirt. Enough said!”

Bob Berg, Seattle WA (Road)

"Shortly after completing my first full Ironman in Lake Tahoe, a friend turned me on to a new jersey from DS. I’ve gone through more than my share of jerseys while training for various triathlons over the years, but the DS is now my official go-to gear for long training rides. The features, fit, and style are unsurpassed by anything I’ve worn to date”

Jon Bonnell, Fort Worth TX (Triathlon)

“DannyShane jerseys are the best fitting jerseys I have worn. I never need to readjust while on the bike. I also receive constant compliments when I wear my Danny Shane polos around town.”

Bryan Waldman, Lansing MI (Road)

 “I must say service like this is not only exceptional but rare.  Besides modeling your stuff to my buds on our rides I'll be letting them know what they can expect from your company. Looking forward to more in the future. Thanks again and safe riding.”

Rudy, Unionville, CT